Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside: Winterizing your Home with Seamless Steel Siding and More

Winterized home
We hate to say it, but winter is coming! While you’re still enjoying the crisp air and vibrant colors of fall, it’s important to begin to prepare your home for shorter and colder days. Winterizing your home before the snow flies is the best way to stay cozy all season long. If your siding, windows, and doors aren’t updated and in great condition, you’ll be losing heat and spending more money throughout the winter. Read on to find out why these three main areas of your home need an upgrade before the temperature drops!


Does your siding stand up against the elements? While vinyl siding leaves “an average of 150 ugly splices on a house” (ABC Seamless) that make your home vulnerable to dust, moisture and insects, seamless steel siding offers durability, energy efficiency, and effortless aesthetic appeal. Most importantly, seamless steel siding has no gaps for the cold winter air to come into your home! This no-gap design is paired with premium insulation, which provides your home with the perfect solution for your winter blues.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice warmth for big, beautiful windows! Drafts and foggy windows are both signs that it’s time for an upgrade. New windows are a sure way to reduce your energy bill and help you maintain your home’s value You can lower your household energy bill “by an average of 12 percent nationwide,” (ENERGY STAR) when you install ENERGY STAR certified windows. If you’re renovating your home for a new look, or if you’ve recently moved into a historical home, you should also consider the benefit of investing in new windows (Forbes). Quality windows are a crucial part of keeping your home comfortable all winter long.


The last point of entry for those frigid winter winds is your front door, of course! If your entryway is the coldest part of your home, there’s a good chance your door is to blame. Inefficient doors need to be replaced because, much like windows, drafts from your front door will actually end up costing you more money on your energy bill! An insulated door that meets ENERGY STAR regulations is a great way to add to the monetary worth and comfort of your home. Making sure your new door is ENERGY STAR approved guarantees you’re buying quality products that will last past this winter and for many years to come.

With special attention given to the main areas of your house—the siding, windows, and doors—your home will become a warm and cozy haven even on the coldest winter nights! Be sure to hire a trusted professional to install these energy efficient solutions and make your house the lasting dream home your family will love. Call ABC Seamless Siding at 800.732.6577 today for more information and reliable service.


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